Faktabaari EDU contributes during Unesco Global MIL

Faktabaari EDU participated in UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) 2019 events with it’s internet literacy approach.  EDU efforts were presented both during the August feature seminar in Gothenburg and during the Helsinki conference under the 2019 theme “Media and Information Literate Citizens: Informed, Engaged, Empowered”.

Faktabaari EDU coordinator Kari Kivinen joined the Helsinki UNESCO MIL week conference with focus on  “Media and Information Literacy: Current needs, future perspectives”. Conference was organised by  CICERO Learning Network together with the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the University of Helsinki at Think Corner on the 28th October.
Faktabaari EDU presentation idea was to offer simple tools for educators to deal with information disorder. You can download a pdf version of the presentation here: Helsinki 28102019 (link). Feedback is welcomed: toimitus(at)faktabaari.fi

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More information:  Faktabaari (FactBar) EDU



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