EDUCheck & FactBar EDU Voter literacy handbook

FactBar EDU Voter literacy handbook is published as part of the EDUCheck map of educational resources for teaching critical thinking and media, data, and misinformation literacy.

If you are part of the educational community, EduCheckMap will help you find the best strategies to teach about misinformation. If you are a researcher or you are trying to understand some related phenomenon, it will help you to find partners who are working in the field or in topics related to it. If you are a fact-checker, it will be an opportunity to optimize what you are doing and offer your community new opportunities to contribute to your cause.EDUCheck is a joint effort of International Fact-checking Network and Chequeando 

FactBar EDU Voter literacy handbook

Fact-checking for educators and future voters. Faktabaari has co-created with teachers a simplified version of it’s fact-checking methodology for educators especially in view of elections in the UE. It encourages critical thinking and participation for fact-based public debate and to resist disinfomation. The method is compatible with IFCN code and “information disorder” vocabulary and ideally adaptable. It brings fact-checking and media literacy communities together for apparent synergies. The toolkit for educators include examples to inspire, create and share new lesson plans.

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