Facts4All MOOC - Schools as community hubs against disinformation

The FactBar has been involved in the creation of the European Facts4All online course (MOOC) for primary and secondary school teachers to tackle disinformation. The aim is to raise awareness of information disorders and provide teachers with tools to develop students’ critical online literacy skills. The content and materials are compatible with the EDMO Nordis digital literacy project.

The online course is based on the latest research of the field and it combines the use of fact-checking methods, games, and educational materials created to combat disinformation. The course uses participatory methods to promote critical thinking and active citizenship.

The course aims to develop and put into practice to promote the whole-school approach to address the challenges posed by the Internet and to tackle disinformation relevant to the school community. It will also consider ways to integrate and involve parents and grandparents of pupils in the combat.

The first module of the e-learning course “Information challenges in communities - an introduction to the concept of information disorder” was launched on 14 March 2022. In the first module one learns

  • To understand how information shapes our beliefs and behavior;
  • To identify and reflect on how information spreads across communities and what impact it can have;
  • To learn to appreciate the value of factually accurate and trustworthy information, and
  • To understand why ‘fake news’ is an unclear term and why alternative terms are preferable.

The course is highly interactive and serves as a good model example of different ways to diversify digital e-learning. Mikko Salo, Founder of FactBar, will also be present to give a short video with background information on information disorders.

The next modules of the online course will be published one by one in the coming weeks:

  • Module 2: The Internet, social media and information challenges opens on 21/03/2022
  • Module 3: Developing good practices and common approaches to deal with information challenges opens on 28/03/2022
  • Module 4: Tackling disinformation through school policy and practice opens on 04/04/2022

To receive a course certificate, participants must prepare and submit their own strategic plan and review three other plans. Of course, the course can also be completed without a certificate. The course will remain available also after the period allowing the certificate.

The Facts4All online course is part of the European Schoolnet Academy course offer. To participate in the course, you need to register on the EUN platform, where you can access a wide range of other interesting courses. The course is currently only available in English.

The Facts4All MOOC is supported with additional material to teachers:

  1. Infographic: 10 steps to remove disinformation from your newsfeed
  2. Only Facts Challenge

FactBar EDU also intends to use the course as part of a wider digital information literacy package being developed with Sitra and Nordis projects.

FactBar’s partner European Schoolnet is the network of 33 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a non-profit international organisation, we aim to bring innovation in teaching and learning to our key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners.



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