Faktabaari Forum: Towards digital information literacy in post 24/2 Nordics

Strengthening democracy by empowering citizens to tackle information disorders and digital power

Time: Tuesday 24.5.2022 at 14-16.30 with coffee & drinks

Hybrid event: Kansallismuseo (The National Museum of Finland) & Mannerheimintie 34, 00100 Helsinki & online (also recording)

Faktabaari Forum is the prime biannual open expert debate forum to support Faktabaari mission to serve fact-based public debate and digital information literacy development. In the aftermath of the 24/2 Russian invasion to Ukraine, this forum analyses the state of information disorders of ongoing European war extending also to our mobile devices and social media feeds. With the help of world-class misinformation expert, co-author of the reference 2017 information disorders report and current Chair of EDMO Ukraina task force Dr. Claire Wardle, we try to analyse the knowns and unknowns of our digital information landscape with the action agenda on what different actors should do tackle the ongoing information disorders. Dr. Wardle will also comment on Faktabaari digital information literacy and Sitra digipower approaches to raise awareness on the ongoing information disorders in Nordics. The two special focus groups will be the youth as media trendsetters and policy makers as regulators. Finally the event aims to empower individuals with some initial take-aways for a more authentic information diet.

Faktabaari Forum is powered with digital information literacy developer partner the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra and Nordic Observatory for Digital Media and Information Disorder, NORDIS. Thank you also to the US Embassy in Helsinki for supporting our transatlantic media and information literacy exchange part. The event is live-streamed and remains available as a recording. The program below includes also shortcuts marked in blue to the 3 parts and take-away slides.

14:30 Welcome: How to strengthen democracy and empower citizens to tackle information disorders and digital power?

Mikko Salo, Faktabaari

Veera Heinonen, Sitra

I. Keynote and discussion

Information disorders in post 24/2 social media war in Europe

Claire Wardle, Co-Founder of First Draft and Chair to EDMO task force on Ukraina

Moderators: Mikko Salo (Faktabaari) & Minna Aslama (University of Helsinki) from EDMO NORDIS

II. New approaches:

Conclusions from Sitra’s Digipower Investigation: From digital oligarchy to digital democracy?

Jukka Vahti/Tiina Härkönen, Sitra

Mark Scott, Chief Technology Correspondent, POLITICO

The development of digital information literacy: From digital natives to digitally literate with intergenerational approach

Kari Kivinen, Faktabaari EDU

Commentary: Claire Wardle

III. Takeaways:

How to tackle “social media war information disorders in Nordics”? Takeaways from 3 previous presentations?

Nordic observatory for digital media and information DISorders logo

16:30 Reception & debate: democracy drinks

Update: Links to Sitra video recording of the event and FaktabaariForum key takeaways were added on 31st of May.



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